1. The articles submitted for publication must contain the findings from original scientific and practical researches of interest for academic researchers, professors and post-graduates of higher educational institutions, economists and enterprise managers, experts in state administration..

  2. A photo and information about the author/authors (in Russian and English) – first name, patronymic, and last name (in full), academic credentials and degree, full name and his/her affiliation (address and postal index), job title, contact telephone, email address - should be attached to the paper. Information about the author/authors should be mentioned in the file text and be placed below its title. The authors’ full face chest photos in color are accepted in *.jpeg, *.tif, or *.psd formats and must be emailed as a separate not less than 300 dpi file.

  3. A short abstract (of 3 sentences) and a list of keywords (2 to 5) in Russian and English, 3 theses (of a sentence each) reflecting the main content of the paper, references (no more than 10 sources) must also be attached to the paper.

  4. The text should be in WORD format, Times New Roman, 14 point, 1.5-spaced. Charts, graphs, figures, pictures and other graphics can be made in black-and-white variant in WORD format or in vector graphic formats (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw) and necessarily allow electronic editing (vector graphic). The use of font sizes below 8 is not allowed. The tables must have a heading placed above the table area and the pictures have their captions. Below the tables and pictures their source must be indicated (Sample 1: Source: Compiled by the author; Sample 2: Source: […]; Sample 3: Compiled by the author using […]).

  5. Footnotes for sources used in the text must be given in square brackets (numbered in order of appearance in the text: [1], [2], etc.). A reference list must be placed citation order after the text. Bibliography must be in line with regulations by GOST P 7.05-2008.

  6. A paper of no more than 40,000 characters for Doctors of Sciences and of no more than 25,000 characters for the rest of the authors can be sent to the Editorial Board by regular mail or emailed (

  7. The decision on publication is adopted by the journal’s Editorial Board. It does not enter into correspondence with the authors. Accepted papers undergo a process of internal reviewing, scientific and literary editing. After editing the paper is sent to the author to be updated and initialed.

  8. Submission of a paper for publication implies transfer of publication rights to the publisher, including the right of posting the journal online.

Attention! Papers failing to meet the requirements above are not accepted by the Editorial Board.

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