About The InternationalJournal Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management

9/2015 The international journal "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management (Problemy teorii i praktiki upravleniya)" one of the oldest serials in the field of management, was founded in 1983 in conformity with the Intergovernmental Agreement on establishing the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems.

The journal regularly publishes papers by statesmen, heads of diplomatic representations, renowned researchers, leading experts and analysts, chiefs of enterprises and organizations. Among our authors are: Presidents of Russia, Belorussia, the Czech Republic, Moldavia; Chairmen of the Federation Council of the Russian Federations Federal Assembly; heads of government; deputy prime ministers and ministers of the Russian Federation; governors; members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federations Federal Assembly; auditors of Russias Account Chamber; experts of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, other international economic organizations.

Nobel Prize winners Zh. Alferov, F. Kydland, D. McFadden, E.Prescott, J.Stiglitz, famous researchers like W.Baumol, J.Galbraith, M. Intriligator, R.McIntyre (USA), H.Iraj and H.Tacke (Great Britain), J.Schaake (Netherlands), H.Steinmann (Germany), accomplished Russian and foreign businessmen and top managers authored their papers and dedicated them to investigate topical management problems. The journal published articles written by Full Members of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Ye.Velikhov, Yu.Glazyev, Yu.Gulyaev, A.Dynkin, V.Ivanter, A.Makarov, V.Makarov, Ye.Primakov, V.Polterovich, A.Tatarkin and RAS Corresponding Members R.Grinberg, N. Ivanova, G.Kleiner, B.Kuzyk, N.Lapin, D.Sorokin, V.Tsvetkov and others.

Many of the ideas and projects advanced by our authors, after their evaluation in the journal, have formed the fundament of high-profile monographies, shaped anti-crisis programs, restructuring plans for enterprises and entire sectors of national economy, and, in the long run, contributed to economic revitalization, transition of the economy to market relations, to deeper mutual understanding of central management problems between researchers and experts. Under conditions of East-West cooperation development, these ideas and projects have become helpful guides to management experts for forging international economic links and promoting access of national products to world markets.

Over these years, the editorial staff has evolved to be a highly professional international team. Eight Full Members and Corresponding Members of national and international academies of sciences, fourteen professors, doctors and candidates of sciences are engaged in selecting and editing papers for the journal. It has its permanent representatives in Western Europe and the U.S., in Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan. Eminent researchers and experts from the founding countries and leaders of big companies compose the international publishing and scientific councils. The journals editorial board has established creative contacts with most authoritative research institutions in the CIS countries, Austria, Germany, China, the U.S., Switzerland which helps acquire first-hand information, publish articles on topical-, global-, national-, sectoral-, corporation- and enterprise-level problems of economic management.

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management international journal is accredited to the Supreme Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation. The research citation SCIENCE INDEX systematically gives the journal the best ratings in the field of Economics and Economic Sciences as well as Informatics. The journal circulates in Russia, the CIS, Central and East European countries. Regular public surveys undertaken by the editorial board of the journal demonstrate growing interest in researchers and experts publications. We are looking forward to having in the future the same thoughtful and grateful reader of our journal, which will become for him/her a sort of guide to the latest developments in economic thought.

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